Professional Tooth Whitening, Internal Bleaching

Published: 20th October 2011
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This procedure is very invasive and suitable for a tooth that has discoloured because it has been root filled.

Professional teeth whitening vs home teeth whitening kits

With home kits becoming more and more affordable it is becoming more popular as you can achieve similar results at a fraction of the cost. If you wish to have a more bespoke whitening service that possibly involves procedures like internal bleaching then you probably should visit a cosmetic dentist. Otherwise you could check out a good quality teeth whitening kit that has been proven to give you whiter and brighter teeth in the safety of your own home!

There are many different ways in which you can whiten your teeth with the main decision to be made is whether or not to buy over the counter tooth whitening products or opt for the more expensive professional tooth whitening as offered by cosmetic dentists.

If you choose over the counter you save yourself lots of money but obviously your choice is more limited with certain restrictions being placed on home based tooth whitening products.

There are many arguments for and against the benefits of whitening your teeth in the comfort of your own home but the one option that is obviously not available anywhere other than through your cosmetic dentist is internal bleaching.

Apart from the many different tooth whitening products currently available your dentist also has the option to go for either external or internal teeth whitening.

External tooth whitening (or bleaching) involves a bleaching gel being place on the surface of your teeth with some products utilising a laser light such as zoom tooth whitening and other laser teeth whitening products. It is said that the laser light speeds up the whitening process as well as increasing the effectiveness of the whitening gel.

The more effective home based tooth whitening systems tend to involve you wearing a mouth guard (this option is also available through your dentist) for 1/2hr - 1hr per day or some suggest over night with your teeth being gradually whitened over a period of time.

Back then barbers were also dental surgeons. To whiten teeth they would file down the outside of the teeth, which ended up removing the enamel and then dab on nitric acid to bleach the dentin.

Although this was an effective method to whiten the appearance of teeth, it was very dangerous because without the enamel teeth were left exposed to bacteria and germs. This type of teeth whitening continued into the 18th century until fluoride was discovered in 1802 to help keep teeth healthy and cavity free. Although an exceptional discovery, which is still used in today's dentistry, it was later found out that fluoride in high doses or if ingested could cause yellow or brown stains on teeth. In the late 19th century oxalic acid and then hydrogen peroxide were used to whiten teeth. Teeth play a major role in making your smile attractive. To make your teeth bright and remove the stains certain teeth whitening techniques are available. Some of the teeth whitening techniques demand a huge fee and will not provide the expected results.

You can also practice the regular bleaching the techniques even at home. Herbal teeth whitening kit is available, which provide quick and long lasting results. The time consumed for applying the product is very low.

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